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Yunnan Sport Management | Impression Images Of Chinese Engagement
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Impression Images Of Chinese Engagement

This series of images was captured in the classroom over the past week. It depicts students writing their opinions onto the blackboard in both English and Madarin. It is has been one of the ways I have attempted to engage enrolled students in a course that may at times be difficult to understand (both in terms of content and also due to the fact that everything is delivered in English). It is a simple tactic, however, for the most part has worked quite well. More and more students have been willing to stand up, offer the opinion, get it up onto the blackboard, translate it into Madarin, and then make sure everyone else in the class knows what they are talking about. Images captured with GoPro and edited on Samsung Galaxy S6 Smartphone. Whilst they reside in this post gallery they were also used as featured images in a sliding carousel on the home page.


Talk soon. Jason.

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