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Sport involves a test of physical strength and skill constrained by a set of rules. A habit that is highly competitive in nature — 杨紫英

This quote was written by 杨紫英 (Yang Ziyin) and is again a student’s take on how sport should be defined. I have again edited this one a little to make it more concise and to bring out the point Ziyin is trying to make (Ziyin’s unedited definition can be seen here). Her definition differs from the one proffered by 侯兴 (Usher) in that Ziyin highlights the competitive nature of sport (Usher focused more on health and community). What I thought was interesting about both is that they both embed the word “constraint” into their viewpoint – highly aligned with the time, space, and formalised rules and subsequent sanction restrictions inherent in all sport. Ziyin also leverages the word “habit” which I thought was interesting – a possible translation intricacy, however, possess its own weight when taken at face value – for example, is competition and the human desire for challenge a habit?


Talk soon. Jason.

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