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Yunnan Sport Management | Skateboarding In Downtown Kunming
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Skateboarding In Downtown Kunming

A few days back I had the chance to skate around downtown Kunming. China is built for skateboarding. A sprawling mass of concrete and potential lines. Very rarely did I have to get off and walk – there was always an alternate route. On this day I was chasing a skatepark that I had been given directions to by a new friend. And whilst the skatepark turned out to be nothing more than a few oddly shaped concrete banks in the middle of a shopping district I had a ball anyway. Locals were super friendly, I covered some serious ground, shot some images, ate nothing but a can of red bull, suffered from mild heat stroke and dehydration, and fell asleep on the train heading home. The last thing to happen to meĀ on this day is the sole reason I love travel. I had missed the last bus and there were no taxis around so a local guy gave me a lift home on his scooter. One simple act. Combined with his smile, stories, laughter as I stuffed around with the GoPro on the scooter, and the hand shake at the end. Human connection. Everything right there.

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