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Yunnan Sport Management | They Just Simply Called It The Farm
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They Just Simply Called It The Farm

The day after the course wrapped up one of the students and her family took me out to a place they simply called the farm. It sat atop a hill and was about half an hour outside of Downtown Kunming. The entry to this place was a small unmarked dirt track that adjoined a major road that was cutting through what looked to me like an industrial area. How anyone would know that it was up there is beyond me and there is no way I could ever find my way back there. But it was epic. A small farm, restaurant, and a few small traditional houses joined together. Had time to wander around and check the pace out before sitting down to yak milk tea (which is pretty horrible if you are wondering), dry barley (same here), a never ending BBQ that was the best thing I have eaten since arriving, and a fair few shots of over-proof Chinese liquor made from corn. I fell asleep in the car on the way back in to the city. Thanks again Sue and her family for sharing this place with me.


Talk soon. Jason.

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