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Sport Defined

Day one focused on defining sport. And to do this we discussed the key characteristics of sport. Of which there were 8 to remember: 1. Possess a physical element. 2. Requires the expenditure of energy. 3. Possess a competitive element. 4. Must have established rules and patterns. 5. Possess formal structures and systems. 6. Requires specialized equipment and facilities. 7. Is a human activity. 8. Must have a time and space restriction. You need to know this – not only for the exam but also to assist you when you lobby for sport in your future career.


One of the most interesting aspects of this type of discussion, however, is finding out what you personally think sport is. For me this is the most important thing in the world – what is your personal standpoint on sport. The text statement scrawled onto the blackboard in the first image was Usher’s viewpoint – a viewpoint highly aligned with health (both physical and mental) and community benefit. The text scrawled onto the blackboard in the second was Yangzhi’s viewpoint – a viewpoint highly aligned with the key characteristics of sport, however, with particular mention to the competitive nature of the activity.


20 November


Sport Defined