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Yunnan Sport Management | Non-Profit Issue
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Non-Profit Issue

No-Profits are not without their problems …


  • The larger organisations such as independent schools, colleges, and hospitals receive the majority or the funding and almost half of the funding for most non-profit organisations comes from the government.
  • The resourcing of non-profit organisations is often inadequate and they often struggle to keep up with demand (especially in areas of welfare such as housing and charitable services).
  • They often struggle to fulfil their missions due to problems securing adequate numbers of volunteers, finding suitable board members, and attracting enough sustainable funding.


“Not For Profits Under Pressure”


Source: Amy Bainbridge. ABC News. 13 Jun 2013. Accessed 8.10pm 27th March 2014


A new survey of 362 chief executive officers (CEOs) in the not-for-profit sector (four key areas) has found the majority feel negative about the future, and they are struggling to cope with increasing demands for services. Seven out of ten not-for-profit industries have a negative outlook for the future.


“What this survey is doing is highlighting for government and for all stakeholders what the issues are. The issues are not just funding. The issues are the underlying level of demand, the inability to attract people”


20 November