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Yunnan Sport Management | Three Sectors
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Three Sectors

The sport industry is a mixed-economy which includes public (state), private and voluntary organisations.


The STATE OR PUBLIC SECTOR includes national, state, regional, and local governments, and specialist agencies that develop sport policy, provide funding to other sectors and support specialist roles such as elite athlete development or drug control (Hoye et al, 2012).


The NON-PROFIT OR VOLUNTARY SECTOR, made up of community-based clubs, governing associations and international sport organisations that provide competition and participation opportunities, regulate and manage sporting codes, coordinate volunteers at club level, manage facilities, develop players officials and coaches, organises major events, and essentially sustains the system  (Hoye et al,2012).


The PROFESSIONAL OR COMMERCIAL SECTOR is comprised of professional leagues and their member teams, as well as allied organisations such as sporting apparel and equipment manufacturers, media companies, major stadia operators, and event managers. They essentially focus on performance – profit and premierships dependent on their respective fields (Hoye et al,2012).




20 November


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