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Yunnan Sport Management | Legitimisations
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There is an inherent and entirely explainable value of sport. Governments throughout the world devote substantial time and resources to sport. Any investment in sport must, however, compete with other demands for public resources. The claim for public investment must be legitimised in terms of the public benefits that can be claimed to be generated. There are five worldwide key benefits that are commonly asserted by those seeking to justify and legitimise investment in sport (Chalip, 2000).


  • Health
  • Socialisation
  • Economic Development
  • Community Development
  • National Identity


I want you to know about all of them – what each stands for and an argument for and against. You need to be able to argue for and against if you wish to leverage these legimistation areas successfully for lobbying purposes (knowing the against argument will prepare you for any resistance you encounter when pitching your idea).


20 November