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Yunnan Sport Management | Define Pro-Sport
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Define Pro-Sport

At its best professional sport is the peak of the sports industry that supports those organisations below it by generating financial resources and cultural respect. At its worst, it is a ravenous commercial animal with an insatiable appetite for financial, cultural, and social resources.


Professional sports organisations are those in which competitive commercial revenue is used to sustain their operations, as opposed to those organisations that are funded by the State, or almost exclusively through membership fees or subscriptions.


There are two unique features that define professional sports: 


  1. They share a scale of operations (particularly commercial and financial) that means they exist at the apex of the sports industry
  2. They players or athletes are ‘professional’ – sport is their job and they are paid to train and play full time

Interesting Point: They can, however, be non-profit and not privately owned.


Source: Hoye, R. S., Smith, A., Nicholson, M. G., Stewart, B., & Westerbeek, H. M. (2012). Sport Management: Principles and Applications. Third Edition


20 November