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Sport Is Unique

Throughout Day One we also discussed the unique features of sport. These concepts are what makes sport so special. And there are 10. 1. Consumers develop IRRATIONAL PASSIONS for sport, teams, athletes, events, brands etc. 2. There are PERFORMANCE EVALUATION DIFFERENCES between sports organisations and traditional business (i.e. they often place more emphasis on premierships and winning than profit). 3. There is an INTERDEPENDENT NATURE associated with the relationships between rival sporting organisations (same sport). They compete on the field but often cooperate off. This is termed COMPETITIVE BALANCE. 4. Which can be considered ANTI-COMPETITIVE BEHAVIOR. 5. There is a VARIABLE QUALITY to sport (i.e. it is difficult to guarantee the quality of the product sold. 6. There is a high degree of BRAND LOYALTY (it is difficult to substitute the product and connection which has both positive and negative management implications. 7. Sport fashions unique behaviors in its consumers, one of the most important from a management perspective is VICARIOUS IDENTIFICATION with skills, abilities, and lifestyles of athletes. 8. Sports consumers and fans routinely demonstrate a high degree of OPTIMISM (often termed BLIND OPTIMISM). Sports mangers are also guilty of demonstrating the same trait. 9. Sporting organisations possess CONSERVATIVE VIEWS ON TECHNOLOGY in certain circumstances. 10. Sport has a LIMITED AVAILABILITY which constrains ability to maximize revenue


20 November


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