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Welcome To Yunnan Sports Management

Yunnan Sport Mgmt is a website founded and administered by Dr Jason Harding. The site was developed to enhance student engagement and performance in an intensive ten day sports management course delivered by Griffith University (Australia) on location at Yunnan Normal University (China). It provides course content and revision materials (student generated and captured in class) to enrolled students, regular updates for students, and an account of the lecturer’s experience whilst delivering the course in Yunnan.

Sports Management

The course aims to provide students the knowledge, understanding, and confidence required to debate what sport is, how it is unique, the primary drivers of change that affect how it is produced and consumed, the types and functions of organisations that operate in its public, non-profit and professional sectors, and how to use an understanding of sport culture, strategy, and leadership to manage performance.

International Exposure

Delivery of this course by an Australian lecturer on Chinese soil is part of an agreement between Griffith University (Australia), Yunnan Normal University (China), and the Australian Education Management Group (Australia, China). It is international exposure for both students and universities – a chance for Chinese students to experience Australian lecturing styles and for universities to undertake cultural exchange.

Inspirational Teaching

The Australian lecturer assigned to this international initiative, Dr Jason Harding, is a highly experienced academic. A former sports-scientist (Australian Institute of Sport) and current sports management and technology lecturer (Griffith University), Jason has received a number of accolades for teaching excellence – primarily for his ability to balance the use of innovative technology with an inspirational lecturing style.

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Credit Points

Sport Defined

The concept of sport, its key characteristics, its underlying philosophy, and why it is unique when compared to other social activities

State of Play

How globalization, government policy, increasing professionalism, and advancements in technology impact on your role as a sports manager


The concept of legitimising sport as an inherently valuable ideal. There are five main legitimisations and you need you to know about all of them

Non-Profit Sport

The intricacies related to non-profit sporting organisations inherently linked with sport - structures, systems, roles, and their major challenges

Professional Sport

The apex of the sporting industry. However debatable in terms of its position of importance and impact. I want you to debate both sides

Sports Culture

The origins of culture, how to define it, its importance, processes, change implications, and how it impacts your future work in sports management


The principles, distinctions, and intricacies of the concept of strategy within the field of sports management. Understand it and apply it


What leadership is, what are its underlying theories, how it differs from management, and challenges unique to sporting environments


What is governance, difference between corporate and no-profit, principles of good governance, and drivers of change

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